An app that allows users to borrow from local personal libraries and lend out their own books.

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Click-through of prototype

The design of the app was formed by focusing on three main tasks: renting a book from the recommendations list, registering a book to lend out, and reporting an issue with a book.

Selected screens
Style guide


Preliminary wireframes

After defining the parameters of the app, I made preliminary wireframes according to the set task flows. I solicited user feedback to improve upon these initial wireframes.

Design Direction I

Moodboard for first design direction
Style frames for first design direction

After creating initial wireframes, I came up with two design directions that would be appropriate for the app.

This first direction is inspired by printed materials and newspapers, and takes elements common to these designs into a digital setting.

Design Direction II

Moodboard for second design direction
Style frames for second design direction

This second direction is inspired by vintage lettering and postcards. These style frames emphasize bright colors and nostalgia, which would be appealing to a user base that appreciates physical books.

After getting user feedback, I ultimately went with a final direction that is based primarily off of the first design direction, but incorporates more color into important elements.