Title Magazine

Motion · video editing · editorial · 3d

Title Magazine is a student publication devoted to fashion and the arts, with contributors based mainly in Cincinnati.

I created promo videos for the launch of Issues 005 and 006, and served as Motion Lead for Issue 006. The promo videos served to announce the launch of the issue on Title's social media and to encourage people to buy the physical copies. I also lead design for editorials featured in both issues.

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Issue 006 Promo Video

Art direction with Meesh Strauss, texture by Sergio Hernandez

The theme of Issue 006 was "Golden Age", which referenced both the Golden Age of Hollywood and the Golden Age that Title as a magazine was entering. I treated the BTS footage with a golden metallic filter, vintage textures, and blurs to create a promo video that embodied both the past and the future.


Initial storyboards

Issue 005 Promo Video

Music by Winston Setiawan, art direction with Meesh Strauss

Since the the underlying theme for Issue 005 was "Views from...", I used a motif of squares and rectangles in the editing to evoke windows. The patterns and shapes created by the photos/videos progressively get more complex as the music heads towards a climatic piano riff for the finale.


Planning notes for the promo video

Seeking Object Permanence Editorial

Illustration on second spread by Niki Ito

I have a bad habit of losing things, which is not helped by the fact that I've had to move every couple of months while in college. This illustration-based editorial reminisces on the objects I've lost by turning it into a hidden object puzzle.

The illustration I drew is a surreal interpretation of a moving day, with furniture and items marching through a canyon instead of scattered around my dorm. I was also responsible for the design and creative direction of the spreads.

Views From My Garden Editorial

Writing by Rae Melowic

The work for the spring launch of Issue 005 was mostly done during the winter of 2020, so nature wasn't something that I personally saw often during that time. So, inspired by real-life floral designs, I decided to make a garden for myself using 3D modeling.